My Favorite Spring Outfit


This is my go-to outfit! Blue is one of my favorite colors, and the stripes make me feel a little French and nautical at the same time. I am very comfy in this, so it’s great for a mom on the go.


Shirt: Target, Sweater: Sears, Jeans: Debs, Shoes & Necklace: Maurice’s

I also went about three shades lighter on my hair last week, which is fun for spring. My local JCPenney has a $50 cut and color special right now, so that’s where I went.

Ta-da! What’s your go-to spring outfit?

xoxo Teresa

Shopping My Closet


My Wild Nails

Pop art meets Easter egg pattern — and they have a baby. That’s my nails for the week, until I’m ready to play the guitar. Then they are coming off.

nails! 3-14

I hadn’t tried press on nails for about 10 years because my nails are narrow, and it never looked quite right when I tried them before. I couldn’t resist this wild pattern though. I found out imPRESS makes a short version of press on nails, and the outer edges are fairly flexible when you apply the nails, so the result looks realistic rather than talon-like. I just thought I would share because for about $8 the pattern is pretty darn fun.

Hope you are having a great week :) I’m on spring break from my M.A.T. classes, so I’m brainstorming what I’m going to do with this beautiful day. I will probably take my son to the local discovery museum. He loves it.

Dappled Sky March 2015


Teresa C.

Curvy Gal Inspirations

I love Melissa McCarthy’s style in Mike & Molly.

Adele always looks amazing.


I am the mom of a toddler, so I do not always go out into the world looking fantastic (wink, wink, let’s be real) — but I do get excited about beautiful clothes and the creativity of designers. When I saw the UK-based Slink magazine at my local bookstore recently, I gladly slapped down the $10 because I knew the articles and photos would be nourishing and inspiring. Seeing women with your body type being celebrated really does matter.

Anyway, one part of the magazine that I really love is the style profile of everyday women. The Q&A format made me think: how would I answer? So, I’m answering a few here in my own little space of the blogosphere :)

Where are your favorite places to shop? Maurice’s (, eShakti (, Target

Do you have a style icon/ who? I love the polished look of Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, along with the creative quirkiness and retro choices of Zooey Deschanel. For curvy, I’m a big fan of Melissa McCarthy’s conservative, yet pretty look on Mike and Molly that includes beautiful colors and patterns, and I think the singer Adele looks spectacular all the time.

What’s your biggest fashion faux par? It takes me awhile to come around to certain trends, even the good ones, because I am stubborn and want to make sure I’m not wasting my money. I’m more classic than fashion-forward, but if something immediately strikes me as beautiful, I will buy it.

What’s your biggest fashion memory? My first fashion memory is being allowed to dress myself at a young age and constantly mixing crazy prints and colors because I didn’t know any better. I asked my mom how she had the courage to let me dress that way, and she said, “It’s what you wanted to wear!”

Most expensive buy & was it worth it? My wedding dress. I won’t say how much! Yes, it was worth it.

Do you pay attention to fashion shows and seasons trends or write your own rules? I pay some attention, but I prefer to use a small amount of trends along with classic pieces that I know look great. I watch Project Runway obsessively because I love seeing the creativity behind the designs! I would love to see more plus size designers on the show.

Describe your style in five words. Classic. Creative accents. Beautiful colors.

If you were to give us one piece of fashion advice, what would it be? Be comfortable, but still classy.

Hope you are having a great week!

Teresa C.

Fringe Hour Art

Here are two artworks that I made in my “fringe hours” this week. I used scrapbook papers, a book page, fabric, watercolors, and a few found items.

Art for Blog feb 2015

Teresa 2015 Art

I sealed over both of these with Mod Podge. My scanning job isn’t great, but hopefully you get the idea!

The first artwork was inspired by this vintage photo of my mother and grandmother.

Grandma Eckstine and Betty

Since I didn’t include face details, it’s interesting that my artwork also looks similar to photos of my mother and me when I was little.

The second one was inspired by this photo of me.

I'm wearing a custom made red jacket from eShakti, a classy scarf, black boots, a black top, skinny jeans from Deb's, and a Betsey Johnson watch.

Hello, world!

Hope you are having a great weekend and doing something fun with your fringe hours too, my friend.


Teresa C.

A Love Post for Valentine’s Day? Of course!

In a world often filled with judgmental glances, harsh words, and “me first” moments, fight back with love whenever possible. Let kind words be healing arrows to the heart — including your own heart. Yes, those critical thoughts you’ve been having toward yourself: try to answer each one with love (I am telling myself this right now).

It is not easy. It takes strength. There are times for examining ourselves closely, making changes, and striving to be better. There are times when raw honesty is needed, but there are also moments when it helps to look at how far you have come. Remember the victories instead of tearing yourself down today.

Our God is perfect and just, and His standard is high, but He also deeply loves those who give their hearts to Him. He knows we are not perfect, but He is working in those who believe in Him. Looking through the Bible, it is easy to see that he uses some unlikely and flawed people!


This video has a beautiful reading of a Bible passage from Song of Solomon about love. I think it’s an art work!

My one word resolution for 2015 is Selah, a Hebrew word that can be translated as pause and praise. I just found out last night that one of my personal essays will be published in the June issue of Bella Grace magazine. I am so excited about it! I love to go to my local Books-a-Million, grab a drink, and read Bella Grace while my son naps.

**pause and praise**

Before I sign off for today, I would like to ask you to consider a prayer request for me. My Sheltie was hit by a car in December, and his leg is broken. It is sad seeing him with a splint, and he is not healing quickly. This is definitely a financial strain for my family because we are having a lot of vet visits, so — even though I know it may sound silly to pray for a dog — please pray that God will heal Pupperoni and keep the financial strain under control for our family!

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! :)



P.S. The discount code mamamuseme is still good at eShakti if you are looking for some cute plus size fashion.

Winsome // Come Away from Patrick Mason on Vimeo.

One of a Kind Fashion Inspiration

I'm wearing a custom made red jacket from eShakti, a classy scarf, black boots, a black top, skinny jeans from Deb's, and a Betsey Johnson watch.

I’m wearing a red jacket from eShakti, a classy scarf, black boots, a black top, and skinny jeans from Deb’s.

You are one of a kind, and so am I. No matter your size, it’s nice to look beyond the usual numbers on a tag. I’m 5’2 and plus size – and often, retailers aren’t thinking about a short woman who is curvy but also not so “blessed in the chest.” That’s my challenge. Maybe you have your own set of challenges.

I love beautiful clothes that fit well, and I definitely celebrate when I find something great. I’m not the type who fills my closet with too many clothes because I think it simplifies life (and saves money) to just pick a few quality pieces that can be worn a lot of ways.

I think this little red jacket is so pretty! It looks best with a solid top, and I think wearing it with a scarf draws attention up to your eyes.

I think this little red jacket is so pretty! It looks best with a solid top, and I think wearing it with a scarf draws attention toward your smiling face :)

I recently discovered a site that takes your measurements for a customized fit, from sizes 0 to 32, and I want to share my experience with you because it was excellent. The site is eShakti. A red cropped jacket caught my attention immediately when I browsed. I thought the color was beautiful, and the style was different from anything else in my closet.

As a full time mom, I was thinking about the fact that the jacket would provide nice coverage while I chase my son around or when I’m holding him (he tugs on my clothes a lot), and the jacket seemed versatile enough to be dressed up or dressed down with jeans. For now, I will mostly be wearing the jacket to church, out to meals, and to fun events, but I figured this wardrobe staple would also be a great professional piece for when I re-enter the work force in a couple years.

The site took more measurements than I’ve ever thought about doing on my body, including my upper arm circumference – but I figured that was a good sign. When my jacket came in the mail, I started trying it on with skinny jeans, a black top, a classy scarf, and shiny flats because that’s my idea of comfort and classic style.

When I wore the scarf combo to church on Sunday, the first person who saw me immediately complimented the jacket. It was also great to wear for a little sushi lunch date with my husband this past week.

I think custom sizing is a strong style secret, especially if you want to buy a few go-to pieces or you’re dressing up for an occasion you’re looking forward to. The fit of your clothes can make a difference in how you carry yourself, and it does leave an impression. Lots of people say buy a piece and then get it tailored, but that can be more expensive than just finding a spot where you can custom order. Honestly, I’m not the type who would get something tailored after I buy it in a store. I want it to fit when I buy it – for cost reasons and for efficiency. I will hem my own jeans since I’m short, but that’s it.

I know spending money on clothes is a bit of a luxury nowadays, but I figure if you are going to buy something, why not make it something that you know will look great and fit you perfectly? I asked eShakti if I could offer my readers a coupon code for their site, and they kindly sent one. If you type in mamamuseme now through February 24 in the special offers box, you can get 10 percent off your order. If you’re looking for a jacket, here is a link to one similar to mine that also looks beautiful.

xoxo Teresa C.

Bring on 2015

On this New Year’s Eve, I’m looking back on a time that has been so amazing in terms of seeing my son transform from a baby to a toddler — watching him take his first steps, then run, then play in the sand at the lake, and then start to say his first words and figure out big-sized Legos. His go-to word is “car,” which he says repeatedly all day, but it sounds like he has a Boston accent. This is hilarious because we live nowhere near Boston. Just picture an almost two year old saying “cah, cah, cah” as he drives his toy cars around all day. It’s adorable. We just hope he won’t drive like a Bostonian someday (wink, we still love Boston).

A year ago, I started this little blog, and it’s been viewed by people from 23 different countries. The numbers are interesting, but what means the most to me is when a reader leaves a comment, or if you are touched by a post, even if you’ve never commented. Above all, I hope my faith posts have been pleasing to God and inspiring to you.

In the coming year, I’m going to be branching out into a few new subjects on my blog. I’m going to be doing some writing about plus size fashion because it’s something I really enjoy, and I’m passionate about women of many shapes and sizes finding clothes that make them feel beautiful. I talk about plus size fashion often and follow other blogs about it, so I figured, why not add this to my blog? Carpe diem! I hope you will enjoy it.

I’m still going to write about books and the Bloom Book Club picks. I might also share some recipes. Faith and motherhood will still be here too. Other than that, I will see what the coming year brings. This past year I discovered two faith blogs that I really enjoy, and I would like to share those with you if you are interested in following them. One is Sarah’s blog at You will be inspired by her writing. Another blog that is excellent is These ladies write words that are filled with power.

Last year, my One Word Resolution was “connect.” It was a wonderful word for 2014. I bonded with my son, met new people, and discovered some new interests, including playing the guitar. This year, I’m thinking about the Hebrew word “Selah” (which I’ve seen translated as pause and reflect, or pause and praise). I like the “pause and praise” translation. I’m also thinking about the word “shine” because that sounds fun. Never heard of a One Word resolution? Visit for ideas. I know my One Word Resolution stayed with me all year in 2014. I had weekly reminders of my word set up on my Kindle, but the word was in my mind even without the reminders. I would say this is the first time I’ve ever had a successful New Years Resolution, and it’s because the approach is different from the typical resolutions that are often set up for failure. A One Word Resolution is more of a long-term mindset.

What are you excited about for 2015? Do you have a One Word Resolution?