Reflecting on Mother’s Day


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After a relaxing Mother’s Day weekend, I wanted to share a poem I wrote about being a mom. I sat down and typed the words several months ago, but I returned to the poem this week and read the words again in the light of my second Mother’s Day.


Motherhood: For Carson on His First Birthday

By Teresa C.

Living for smiles

that squish up 

your baby cheeks

and giggles, like music.

Never making it through 

a television movie


checking on you,

feeding you,

changing you,

thinking about you,

noticing something cute

in the way you play.

Date nights are rare,

but you are oblivious;

you still bond 

mommy to daddy,

like a cord connecting

our hearts,

our guts,

our all.

When mommy and daddy 

do go out

it feels like 

playing hookie,

not bringing the entourage:

diaper bag, bottles,

diapers, stroller,

car seat, blankie.

We are free! And yet —

we don’t want to be gone for long.

For you’ve wrapped our hearts

around your finger 

and made carrying 

all the extra gear

a true pleasure.

We take pride in knowing

the difference between a 

Boppy and a Bumbo.

Freedom means little

when you love someone

into infinity.

Holding your little hand,

with small, innocent fingers

curled around my finger,

the way you giggle in your sleep sometimes,

your huge, joyful eyes,

your generally happy temperament,

the way you snuggle into my

side as you drink a bottle —

these are the rewards of motherhood.

And I know these rewards 

are just the beginning.

I feel like I’m doing 

the most meaningful task on earth, 

being a mom,

and I feel so blessed

to be yours.

My Mother’s Day was a good one. Our family went to church together, took Carson to see his grandmothers, and then had a great Italian supper. My husband surprised me with a big bouquet of flowers he had ordered in advance when he reserved our table. Afterward, we took Carson to a nearby walking mall with ground-level fountains that children run through. Carson is still a little young and occasionally wobbly on his feet for the fountains, but we stripped him down to his onesie and let him tip toe as close to the fountains as he wanted. Occasionally, he would get scared and come running back to me. Finally, before we left, he got brave enough to walk through the jets of water. That’s the image that my mind wants to cherish when I think of this Mother’s Day: a baby boy toddling near the water, sometimes serious and sometimes giggling, running back to grab his mom’s hand whenever he needed it.

Another image that will stay in my mind is the bird in the center of these orange cones.

bird at green fest 5-10-14

I know the bird is kind of hard to see, but she is in the middle of a parking lot, and she’s sitting on four eggs that are almost the same color as the gravel. We saw her on Saturday at the Boonsboro Green Fest when we went to listen to music, do the clothing swap, and have a fun family day outdoors. I loved how this bird vigilantly sat on her eggs despite all the chaos around her, and I felt like it was something special to see on Mother’s Day weekend. A friend told me that the bird is called a Killdeer, and they’re apparently notorious for laying eggs in fields and parking lots.

To you, my reader, thank you for what you do to nurture the lives that have come across your path and under your wing, not just on Mother’s Day, but every day. It is a privilege to share my thoughts with you.

Hope you are having a great week!


I am linking up with Holley this week 🙂


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