Blackout Poetry and Faith

My 4th anniversary is coming up tomorrow, so — first things first — I wanted to say, “Happy anniversary, Larry!” We’ve been through little ups and downs in life, but we’ve always stayed strong as a couple. I’m so thankful for that. I’m glad someone who is so creative and thoughtful loves me.

Larry and I were engaged at Walden Pond in Massachusetts five years ago at the site of Henry David Thoreau’s cabin. I wanted to give Larry something handmade in his anniversary card this year, so I took a page of Thoreau’s writings and turned it into Blackout Poem. The concept of Blackout Poetry was created by Austin Kleon. Here is a site that has a lot of amazing Blackout Poetry word art if you’re interested in exploring it. I visit the site sometimes for a little inspiration. Anyway, here is my Blackout Poem for Larry on our 4th anniversary.

poem for Larry 2

I went away in the train of his thoughts.

Part of the reason I like a Blackout Poem is that the poem is already there on the page. You just have to reveal it. The material is right in front of you. It’s sort of like how a sculptor says the statue is already in the stone, and the artist just has to discover it.

I’ve had a prayer request on my heart this week, and like this Blackout Poem, I know God already has an answer for this page of my life. It is so hard to be patient and keep trusting, but I know he will reveal something. The answer might be right in front of me. I will do my part as He leads. I know He promises to work out all things together for the good of those who love Him.

God-is-Working-by-Holley-Gerth 5-22-14

For an extra dose of inspiration this week, I think this song about the power of God by Erica Campbell is so uplifting!


Thank you for visiting my blog again this week. I hope you have been inspired, encouraged, and blessed.

With love,



I am linking up with Holley again this week 🙂



3 thoughts on “Blackout Poetry and Faith

  1. What a romantic place to get engaged. I hope you are having a beautiful anniversary week. I had not hear of blackout poetry, but now you have me interested! Keep on being that beautiful, creative wife. Blessings!

  2. Oops, it recorded a log in that I am really not. Here another try:

    Great visit here. Waldon Pond, I used to live near there. Wonderful place.

    Over the past months, God has been showing me that it’s good to just look around to see where God is already at work, and simply pray where He wants me to join Him. So I recognize in Holley is saying.

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