Art Journaling

My Carson Art of the Beach 2014

This post is different from what I typically write on my blog. I just wanted to share a page of my art journal because I really like this one! I was inspired by a photo I took of my son last month at the beach (you can see the photo in my last blog post). I used scrapbook paper to make his shirt and the background of this. Then I ripped pieces of our tickets from the merry-go-round and the dolphin boat to add all over the collage. A lot of the variations in the sand color are from the pier ticket. I also Mod Podged a small sea shell from the beach onto the page. The sky has fabric, scrapbook paper, and cellophane on it. Finally, I wrote about my son’s first beach experience on his shirt.

I started art journaling last year, and I think this page is my best one thus far. It is neat to see how much more freedom I take with ripping up things and scribbling all over the page; when I first started, I was much more careful — but to me, this looks so much more interesting than the pages where I was trying to be neat.

My notebook is small (around 5×7), so that makes it very easy to fill the page. I am not great at drawing, but I love to use color. I work on a page here and there when the inspiration hits, usually while my son is napping.

One person’s work I’ve found inspiring during my dabbling into art journaling is Julie Fei-Fan Balzer from Scrapbook Soup. I was sick earlier this month and ended up on laying down and binge-watching about 10 episodes of Scrapbook Soup, which I had just discovered on television, while my husband took baby duties for the weekend. I was in awe of Julie’s creativity! If you are a creative type or someone who enjoys tactile forms of creating, you will definitely pick up some ideas from Julie.

Another person who inspires me is Auralea Krieger. I think her paper dolls are stunning. I love to look at what she’s up to.

How do you get creative? Who inspires you?

Hope you are having a beautiful, blessed week.

With love,

Teresa C.

Balzer Designs

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