Sewing 4 Souls


I am not skilled at sewing. In fact, when I took a quilting class earlier this year, the teacher said I could not sew a straight line, and I’m pretty sure she was only somewhat joking.

I wish I could sew well, but God can still use willing people even if we are not perfect.

I wanted to share some photos of the dresses I made for Sewing 4 Souls, not to show how cute the dresses turned out — even though they did turn out pretty cute! — but because I hope other women who enjoy sewing might see this and think about getting involved.

It took me months to finish the dresses, mostly during my son’s nap time or late at night, because he was too curious about the sewing machine for me to work on the dresses at any other time.

The dresses from Sewing 4 Souls go to children in other countries who may not have clothes to wear or many possessions. These handmade dresses are a way of sharing Christ’s love with those little girls. S4S also sends handmade boys’ shorts to other countries.

After I finished my dresses, I prayed over each one, asking God to bless the girl who would wear it, protect her, and help her know Him. Putting these dresses in the mail felt so good because I really did struggle with sewing a few of them!

If you would like to get involved, visit The site has videos that show how to sew the clothes, and the fabric is already cut when it’s sent to you. Even if you aren’t interested in sewing, would you say a prayer for this ministry?

With love,




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