Just for Fun

DSCN2097I made a huge collage just for fun this past weekend. I woke up early and got out the Mod Podge, clipped a bunch of photos from magazines that spoke to me with their positivity, and created something that I think is pretty great 😉 Sometimes it’s fun to stop being a “serious grown-up” for a few hours and just do something like this. When I look at it now, I smile every time.


 DSCN2090DSCN2093DSCN2099DSCN2095I think this sort of captures the best aspects of my life right now — both what it is, and what I aspire toward in the future. The oven is on there because, well, I really want a new oven. Ours is from the 1970s. The one in the photo is much more fancy than what I need, but who could resist a photo of a red oven? Sigh…

The photo of the boy dressed up as a prince makes me think of my son. I even have a little pop culture shout out to Zooey Deschanel and Carrie Brownstein.

Hope you enjoyed this little peek at my creative spark.

With love,

Teresa C.


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