Fringe Hour Art

Here are two artworks that I made in my “fringe hours” this week. I used scrapbook papers, a book page, fabric, watercolors, and a few found items.

Art for Blog feb 2015

Teresa 2015 Art

I sealed over both of these with Mod Podge. My scanning job isn’t great, but hopefully you get the idea!

The first artwork was inspired by this vintage photo of my mother and grandmother.

Grandma Eckstine and Betty

Since I didn’t include face details, it’s interesting that my artwork also looks similar to photos of my mother and me when I was little.

The second one was inspired by this photo of me.

I'm wearing a custom made red jacket from eShakti, a classy scarf, black boots, a black top, skinny jeans from Deb's, and a Betsey Johnson watch.

Hello, world!

Hope you are having a great weekend and doing something fun with your fringe hours too, my friend.


Teresa C.


12 thoughts on “Fringe Hour Art

    • Thank you so much! I took a few art classes in high school and an art history class in college, but that’s all the knowledge I have, even though I have such an admiration for art. I decided to start dabbling in these mixed media collages about a year ago, and they are so much fun to make. I’m glad you like my work 🙂

    • Thank you for sharing the link, Amber. I had never seen their art before. I love the bright, cheerful dish towels on their site. Now I want a set of those towels for my kitchen! 🙂

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