Casual Weekend Fashion Story

It’s a sunny afternoon in late May. My husband doesn’t have to work this weekend, and we can do anything we choose. He says, “Harpers Ferry.” I agree. It’s a beautiful spot in West Virginia. We plan on a three mile hike on the C&O Canal and a stroll around the town. I go to my closet and pick these shorts, this t-shirt . . . DSCN2437Easy breezy.


Our handsome little man is along for the ride. And yes, the blues and orange in our clothes sort of match. He’s wearing his highly fashionable Thomas Tank Engine light up sneakers that he kicks against the stroller to make them flash for most of the afternoon.


We walk across the bridge that spans the Potomac and watch for trains. My little man calls out “choo, choo!” The view is stunning, and the breeze is blowing. We wave down at some people rafting in the water below.

 We find a quiet spot just off the canal to look at the river.

What more could anyone ask for? ♥

The inspiration behind my casual weekend outfit came after seeing palazzo pants combined with a graphic t-shirt at a Macy’s Fashion Show (check out my post about it). I decided to use that idea with printed shorts that are made in the same breezy style because, as a short gal, it’s so much easier to find printed shorts that are the right length than palazzo pants. I love the tribal detail down each side of the shorts (see the close up of that in one of the circular photos at the top of this post). I wore black Crocs flip flops that were pretty comfortable for an easy walk on the flat C&O canal and Nine West sunglasses. 

What’s on your bucket list this summer?

xoxo Teresa

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9 thoughts on “Casual Weekend Fashion Story

    • The Hilltop Hotel used to be there, but it started to collapse a few years ago and was shut down. Now Harpers Ferry is mostly about the amazing view, Civil War history (John Brown), and nice shops and restaurants in the little town.

      Yes, before I saw that fashion show, I probably would’ve been boring and paired the shorts with a solid color t-shirt, but the graphic t-shirts are so much more fun and young (in a good way). I’ve been thinking about all the different ways I can wear graphic t-shirts now.

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