My Elegant Scarf Print Kaftan Top from Qurvii

It feels amazing to have the opportunity to review so many plus size designs lately because I’m an average woman and a full time mom — not a model, not tall, not uber glamorous, not even the traditional shape of a curvy woman that is used in advertisements. I hope my stereotype-breaking blog is inspiring you though. I know a lot of fashion bloggers feel pressured to Photoshop themselves, but I am keeping it REAL here. All the photos are taken by my husband with our home camera. You see the smile and the imperfections, and I’m embracing all of it. Does it take courage? Yes. Oh, yes, sister.

I feel like fashion bloggers, and especially plus size bloggers, have the opportunity to remind other women that magazine images are not real. You see the hair of a busy mom and the smile lines. You see someone who isn’t wearing much make-up and who, honestly, does not do well with make-up tricks. When blogs start to look too much like magazines, well . . . I’m not sure if that is helping anyone. If you’re good at make-up, then let your light shine — but that’s just not my gift. Each time a company sends me something to review, I consider that to be a victory for curvy women and for authenticity. It’s not just about me or about image. Those who know me personally know that I tend to shy away from the spotlight, so believe me, this is not about image! I love reviewing plus size clothes. I love the beauty behind the designs, and I love how confident and at ease the clothes make me feel. I also like challenging stereotypes in my own subtle way.

qurvii top 1 qurvii top 2

Anyway, this beautiful kaftan top Qurvii sent me to review stands out for many reasons. The silk satin material is so soft and light for summer, and I love the colors in the scarf print. The blue, pink, and green are just right together (somehow the colors take my mind to a village in Greece). Since I am short (5’2) and less busty than most curvy women, the top was a little longer on me than it would probably be on most ladies. To compensate for that, I tied one side in a scarf knot to make the top look better on my proportions. I think the scarf knot looks great and even adds to the style. I paired the top with shorts and a necklace from Maurice’s, a Fossil clutch wallet, Nautica flip flops, and vintage gold knot earrings given to me by my mother-in-law. Blue is one of my favorite colors to wear, so I feel elegant and confident in this outfit. A really special touch on this top is that the back is white, with just a blue print around the border, which adds a lot of visual interest. Qurvii specializes in the type of silk tunics, flowing chiffon dresses, georgette, linen, and satin tops that plus size women dream of wearing but often have trouble finding. The price point on this top is also more affordable for the everyday woman than many items I’ve reviewed on my blog.

Soon as this top arrived in the mail, I washed it and wore it the same evening. I thought it was that pretty! I went to Olive Garden with a friend (where I got complimented on the top while sitting in the waiting area), and then we went to see Magic Mike XXL (guilty pleasure, yes). As a side note, I had no idea that Michael Strahan was going to be dancing in the movie — so that was a very pleasant surprise! I whispered to my friend, “Is that Michael Strahan??” but we didn’t know for sure until we saw the credits at the end. Nice moves, Michael Strahan! It was a much-needed, rare mom’s night out. Earlier in the day, I took my son to a petting zoo, where he accidentally fell in a mud puddle (toddler boy, lol), and I had to clean him and all his clothes in an outdoor foot-pump sink to keep from getting mud in the car  . . . so, yeah, I needed to go out!

Hope you enjoyed my review of the Qurvii plus size kaftan top! Even though I was gifted the top, the opinions are all my own and not sponsored by Qurvii.

xoxo Teresa


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