Kelly Clarkson Concert Style


Here is a fan’s view of Kelly Clarkson singing at her Piece By Piece Tour at Hershey Park on July 11, 2015.

Kelly Clarkson kicked off her Piece by Piece Tour recently — and I was there in row 7, section C, really close! She sounded amazing, mixing a lot of her well-known hits with the songs from her new album (which I have memorized). My favorites from the new album are “Heartbeat Song,” “Dance with Me,” and “Take You High.” I also loved that she performed a song with her opening act, Pentatonix, a really impressive a cappella group that I rooted for on The Sing-Off.

Kelly is a wife, mother to a young child, and around my age, so I find her very relatable even though she is truly famous and incredibly talented. What stood out to me was Kelly’s sense of humor and her quick wit. She made some hilarious, off-the-cuff jokes. She really cracked me up when she was talking passionately about her music as the band played in the background, and she said something like, “I feel like I’m at church right now, and I’m about to lead someone to Jesus!” It’s not an exact quote, and maybe you had to be there . . . but the background music and the timing of it all was just perfect.

She was in her bare feet, which was endearing. She accidentally fell on her butt during “Stronger,” but she kept singing and never missed a beat. That’s when I felt more admiration for her than ever.

Anyway, I figured I would chat a bit about her fashion and show you a lot of photos since my blog focuses on that. First, though, I want say that I love the body positive messages that Kelly has been sending lately. Her concert was so uplifting, even if “Because of You” did bring a little tear to my eye (and I felt cheesy for it, but then I figured, hey, just feel the moment . . . and then pretend it did not happen, haha). On the topic of body positivity and female respect, Kelly welcomed a slam poet to the stage whose message was so vital and powerful for today’s women to hear. Here is the YouTube video of slam poet Miranda Tellis if you need some encouragement right now.

Now, without further ado, fashion discussion! Click the photos to make them bigger.

The vibe of her outfits was bold and F-U-N. She wore bright colors, anchored with black as a neutral. Sequins and embroidery, tulle, floaty fabrics, shiny fabrics, slightly 1980s — she went there! Personally, I loved her style. I even like how she shaved some of her hair, and I’m thinking we will start seeing that hairstyle soon in the general public because of Kelly. I’m not sure if I could pull it off. I keep getting tempted to do a more subtle version of it; then I lose my courage. The woman is fierce in the best way! Even her last outfit, mostly black with leggings underneath, had a fun feel because of different fabric textures. Kelly’s outfits seemed to fit her upbeat personality very well.

P.S. Since my camera phone is old and takes mediocre photos, I want to give a shout out to Tracie from Alabama, who I met at the concert. Her husband had even better seats than us, so he took the photos of Kelly that are in this blog post and very kindly emailed them to me.

P.P.S. I originally did a sunglasses giveaway in this post, so that’s what some of the sunglasses comments are about! The giveaway is closed, so I took out that part to avoid confusion.

xoxo Teresa


28 thoughts on “Kelly Clarkson Concert Style

    • Thank you, Rebecca. 🙂 I was a camp counselor in Alberta, Canada, the first summer of American Idol & didn’t even know about the show until I got back to the states & everyone was talking about it. Kelly was amazing!

    • Hi Sherri! I am doing well. The rain/humidity has been keeping us inside more than I would like this summer, but we are having fun anyway. I’ve been trying to potty train Carson, but I think the only way he would sit on the potty is if it had a seatbelt on it, lol . . . but I keep trying. The sunglasses you picked are great. I love the ones Polette sent me.

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  2. I was at the concert too, it was amazing!! I found your blog through a post from Miranda Tellis, and decided to come check it out. 🙂 The funny thing is, that is actually my friend and I sitting in front of you in your selfie pic!! Lol too funny!!

    • Haha, it’s a small world. Nice to meet you online! I’m glad you found my blog. I had never been to a concert at Hershey before Kelly’s, but now I want to go back there every summer.

  3. Yes thank you for sharing the experience with us. Loved her fashion and the fact that she went barefoot on stage! That’s my kinda performance LOL

    I would love to win the Diana sunglasses!

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