Congratulations Ashley Nell Tipton!

Seeing plus size designer Ashley Nell Tipton make it through the finals on Project Runway is very gratifying! I can’t wait to see her whole collection that she showed at fashion week in the finale episode. In the meantime, did you know that there are already a few photos from fashion week online? I knew Ashley was going to do well on the show since these photos came out in September (wink).


I found both of these photos on the New York Daily News website, taken by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images. You can see the original news post here.

An entirely plus size collection at fashion week is going to be a first for Project Runway. I’m rooting for you, Ashley!

I’m glad that Tim Gunn used his “Tim Gunn save” to let Edmond (who was eliminated) show at fashion week because I think Edmond deserves success as well. I also love Kelly’s wild creativity that keeps the show fresh and surprising each week. My top three picks have been Ashley, Edmond, and Kelly all along.

This season is so good!! Are you watching?

xoxo Teresa


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