Behind The Blog featuring Teresa from Mama Muse Me…

Today I am being featured for Behind the Blog! Karen asks some great questions.

Mama Muse Me

Happy Tuesday Beauty Buddies…

Okay, Okay, I admit – I may have put a scud on the mild November weather having been caught gloating about it on Sunday’s Keep Up With Karen post as ever since that post has been published it’s like mama nature has flicked a switch and sent nothing but howling wind and rain. On the plus side, it’s guilt free weather for dusting off the candles, lighting the fire, grabbing a cup of hot chocolate & snuggling down into a comfy chair… which I what I suggest y’all do right this very moment as I have the fabulous Teresa from Mama Muse Me joining me on the virtual sofa this morning!

Teresa’s blog pretty much sum up her positive & warm nature. Reading through her posts feels like you’re catching up with an old friend over a great cup of coffee. Maybe it’s her former career in journalism &…

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