We Can Dig It! Diggerland USA

DSCN3463 DSCN3444 DSCN3432There’s something about putting the metal claw of a huge digging machine into the dirt that is just super fun, whether you are three years old or 30.

My son’s conversations revolve around trucks, tractors, trains, cars, and stuff that moves. When I offer him stuffed animals, he has zero interest. Yet, give the boy something with wheels, and he will be entertained for an hour. That’s why a construction theme park in West Berlin, New Jersey, called Diggerland, really caught my attention. The park has all kinds of vehicles, large and small, that are ready to be driven and diggers that are just waiting for construction-obsessed kids to put the big metal claws into the dirt.

My little guy, Carson, is almost three years old, and he just squeaked by on the height requirement of 36 inches. Thank goodness he did! For most of the rides, my husband and I sat beside him as we drove little tractors, argos, and bigger construction tractors. We had him on our laps when we were using the actual diggers, which was unanimously the most fun part of the experience.

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We also watched a very short stunt show, with a big digger doing wheelies. We were mostly scoping out the spot this year to see if Diggerland would be something fun for Carson to do again next summer. My husband and I both agreed that Carson will go nuts for Diggerland next summer, when he will have an even bigger vocabulary to talk about what he’s seeing than “truck! … wheel! … dig in the dirt!” (even though his little observations were adorable).

I think the concept of the theme park is really neat. It’s best for a child who is at least 36 inches, and if the child is 42 inches, it will be even better because the child can do all of the rides. In addition, there’s an indoor water park associated with Diggerland that’s not too far away; it looked like something to keep in mind for next time. Our family likes floating on lazy rivers, so we would probably enjoy the waterpark too.

Another bonus about Diggerland is that it is about 90 minutes from New York City and 20 minutes from Philadelphia, yet the location of the theme park feels fairly suburban. I would like to thank Diggerland for providing complimentary tickets in return for my honest feedback. Hopefully you will be inspired to take your little guy or girl there too.

xoxo Teresa


11 thoughts on “We Can Dig It! Diggerland USA

    • Thanks, Emily Rose! Carson gets really serious about trucks and tractors sometimes, so several of the photos that I didn’t use for the post had the “serious face.” What is really funny is that my husband also had the “serious face” about running the digger in a few photos that I didn’t use. My husband said, “You and Carson look like you’re laughing and having a blast, and I look like I’m figuring out the exact mechanics of how the digger works.” lol

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