Go see this! (and other musings)


If Brooklyn is still in a movie theater near you, go see it! The love story is so, so good. I am a sucker for historical fiction that is done well, and this movie is truly captivating. As always, I like to see the fashion in historical dramas; Brooklyn did not disappoint me in that aspect either. I loved the polka dots, the dresses, and the pops of pretty green. The best part was that the movie’s ending was unpredictable. I kept thinking the main character would do one thing, and then I thought, well, maybe she won’t after all. Eilis, an Irish immigrant in the early 1950s, has to decide whether she will make a life and love for herself in Brooklyn or back in her home country. Seriously, go see this movie! It’s a good date movie (maybe look away when she gets sick on the boat coming to America, though). no 1 lady

Another show I recently discovered (new to me, even though it is several years old) is The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency on HBO. If you get a chance to pull up some episodes, I think it’s very good. I’m really surprised that it was cancelled after the first season because the visuals, acting, and story lines are really fun. Plus, Jill Scott plays the curvy No. 1 detective beautifully. I love how the setting of Botswana is portrayed, and I like how Precious discovers the truth with her intuition and wit. She’s the type of female character who is enjoyable to watch. I am so sad that there are not more seasons of this show! I am going to find the audio books so that I can see where the story goes. As a side note, Jill Scott is a singer, and I noticed that one of her songs was produced by Warryn Campbell, husband of the gospel singer Erica Campbell — neat connection.

As for my family, we have the tree up and decorated. We use solar Christmas lights outside, so that makes putting up the lights a breeze (we don’t go too nuts, just a little twinkle). My husband and I built a Victorian doll house from a kit when we were dating (a creative excuse to spend time together because he wanted to build me something), and this year I decided to decorate it with tiny wreaths, garland, and a little tree too. Yes, that is a Rosie the Riveter action figure in the bathtub… because, why not?!



One other new decorating idea I got this year was to put Christmas printables into frames that were already around the house to change things up for the month. I found a couple of free Christmas printables online here and printed them on high quality cardstock. I thought they added a nice modern note to my decorations.

Last night, I made tamales for supper from scratch for the first time, and “Feliz Navidad” came on the radio. How appropriate! Then my family took a walk through a park filled with Christmas lights.

Anyway, I hope you are enjoying the Christmas season so far! Let me know if you’ve seen Brooklyn or if you like The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency.

xoxo Teresa




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