First Bible Journaling Post for 2016


Happy New Year! As promised in my post yesterday, here is one of my Bible journaling doodles to kick off 2016. I was inspired to pick Galatians 5:25 after reading an excerpt from Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. Here’s what my Jesus Calling desk calendar says for today.


Much love to you today! If you have any questions about Bible journaling or how I made this page, feel free to ask in the comments. Also, if you do Pinterest, feel free to pin this and link back to the post (if someone wants to explain how to put a clickable Pinterest button on the blog images, I would like to hear how to do that!).

xoxo Teresa


8 thoughts on “First Bible Journaling Post for 2016

    • A journaling Bible is a bit of a splurge, but it’s worth it. I won mine from another blog, + the outside cover is really sturdy + pretty. I should post the cover next time too. The pages are thin, but I am going to try gesso to keep the drawing from bleeding through the back page so much.

  1. I like your daily calendar. I must remember Jesus Calling by Sarah Young for 2017. This year mine is a Life’s Little Instruction Calendar Classics, today mine reads “To forgive someone is the best use of any day”

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