Bible Journaling Challenge





The Bible Journaling Challenge e-course that I have mentioned in past posts is well underway. The first day of the challenge was January 1. The first day’s verse was Acts 17:28. My journaling Bible is in English Standard Version (ESV), so that’s the version I am using for the verses. I am quoting a portion of the verse below, but you can click the Acts 17:28 link to see the entire verse.

“. . . ‘In him we live and move and have our being’. . .”
Acts 17:28 (ESV)



I won’t be sharing every single journal entry, even though I do plan to keep up with the 31 day challenge and continue journaling after that too, probably using the daily verses from Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. I’m hoping to post about once a week.

As I drew my journaling doodles using Micron pens, I thought about what it means to live and move and have our being in Christ.  I wrote my answers to the day’s question prompts for the challenge on the opposite page, and I ended in prayer. As I was drawing, the image of a candle came to my mind, so that is why the candle light is on the house chimney for the word “live” and also on the word “being.”


Have a great Monday! Hope your New Year is off to a lovely start.

xoxo Teresa




3 thoughts on “Bible Journaling Challenge

  1. I love your entry here! The vines are fantastic! It makes my heart happy seeing that you are enjoying the Challenge!

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