Start the New Year with Bible Journaling

Misses Miscellany asked me to write a post about why I’m Bible journaling in 2016. Here’s my post, featured there today!

Misses Miscellany

Bible Journaling

I am new to Bible journaling, but I am quickly becoming attached to the practice. Journaling Bibles have wide margins, where a person can write, draw, paint, or take notes on different verses or passages. I won a Journaling Bible several months ago, and I thought it was so beautiful with its yellow cover when it arrived in the mail. I flipped through it and looked at it; on a tough day not long after that, I turned to The Lord’s Prayer and doodled the prayer with bubble lettering and little drawings. I read the prayer aloud and continued to think of the prayer as I drew. Then I started doing some writing, starting at the beginning of the Bible, about my personal journey of faith.

December got busy, and my Bible journaling fizzled out a little. Fortunately, I knew of a free e-course that was offering a daily Bible…

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