Book Review

Pop Painting: Inspiration and Techniques from the Pop Surrealism Art Phenomenon

by Camilla d’Errico

Pop Painting

If you have been following my blog lately, you know that most of the art I’m making does not fit into the Pop Surrealism category. It leans more toward Impressionism, folk art, collage, doodling, and Bible journaling. Yet, I was interested in reading Pop Painting because it goes into great detail about how the artist, Camilla d’Errico, actually makes her art. It describes which paints she uses — a type of oil paint that interestingly works somewhat like an acrylic — and why she likes to paint on wood instead of canvas. The artist recommends using watercolor pencils to first sketch out a painting so that the pencil sketch will blend into the painting, which I thought was a pretty clever idea. She offers many pages of illustrated step-by-step tips. I am always learning, and I can appreciate creativity even when it is on the quirky side, so a book like this appeals to me.

As you can see from the book’s cover, Pop Surrealism as a genre is pretty eccentric. The photo on the cover is actually more subdued than many of the art pieces included in the book. The art from this genre has humor and whimsy, and it is very imaginative. It reminds me a little of Lisa Frank from my childhood (in terms of color and the subject matter) and Alice in Wonderland to the extreme (in terms of stretching the imagination). The author explains that Pop Surrealism has roots in Pop Art and in Surrealism. I am intrigued by Modern Art, even though it’s not what I necessarily create.

I believe this book offers a  lot of insight into an artist’s way of thinking and the art-making process. The art will not fit everyone’s taste, certainly, but if your initial reaction to the cover is one of curiosity, you will probably enjoy the art in the book. If you’re interested in making art, this book will offer a lot of great advice. I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review, but the opinions are entirely my own.

xoxo Teresa


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