Soul Tunes,

Energetic joy pulses through Phil Wickham’s new CD, “Children of God.” Ever since the CD came in the mail this week, I have been listening to it three or four times a day — and that says a lot because I am picky about my tunes. The first morning that I played it, my three-year-old son started dancing to “Your Love Awakens Me.” I took a break from folding the laundry to dance along with him. What a good way to start the morning!

For me, this CD has a great combination of upbeat enthusiasm and of worshipful reverence. The praise band at the church I attend sings “This Is Amazing Grace,” from a previous album of his. I highly suspect that praise bands around the country will be inspired by this new CD too.

I typically listen to pop, country, indie, classic rock, and occasionally Christian music. When I do find a Christian CD I like, it stays in heavy rotation. The last Christian CD that I played this much was Erica Campbell’s “Help.” IĀ  also really like Rend Collective. When someone recommends Christian music that sounds amazing, I take note, and I would say this CD ranks right up there with my favorites. In terms of sound and songwriting, “Children of God” is a substantial album.

It has been three years since Wickham has put out a CD. In fact, in 2014 he didn’t know whether or not he would ever be able to sing again. His dependence on God through that period of struggle led to some beautiful music. I was sent this CD in return for my honest review. If you would like to check out the new album, it is available on iTunes, Amazon, or Spotify.


šŸ™‚ Groove on…






10 thoughts on “Soul Tunes

    • Wow, I bet the concert was fantastic šŸ™‚ I looked at his tour dates, but he doesn’t come close enough to my area. What was your favorite part of the concert? I haven’t been to a Christian concert since I was a teenager, but the praise band at the church we are attending is great.

      • I saw him on a Rock n Worship Roadshow sponsored by Compassion International and he was with a bunch of other artists like Newsboys, Audio Adrenaline, Danny Gokey… and it was only $10 at the door admission… so that was definitely a blessing! But my real favorite part was his testimony– about not knowing if he would sing again and the Your Love Awakens song. ā™„ Love a good praise band! ā™„ I hope you get to catch him in concert one day!

      • That’s a great line up, + $10 is less than a movie ticket in some places, lol. Reading his testimony about the surgery made me appreciate the music even more too.

    • šŸ™‚ Thank you. I’m still really enjoying the CD. I usually am not up this late at night, but I drank coffee too late in the day, lol. It was nice to see your comment in my inbox.

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