Quilt Giveaway + Review of My Mother’s Quilts

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Win one of the quilts featured in #MyMothersQuilts by Ramona Richards! Also up for grabs: loads of other prizes including quilting hand warmers, coloring books, and 25 signed copies of Ramona’s book. Winners will be emailed after the contest ends on June 30, 2016. Click the image to the left to get started!


Mama Muse Me’s Review My Mother’s Quilts: Devotions of Love, Legacy, Family and Faith by Ramona Richards is a beautifully printed book, filled with vibrant color photographs of intricate quilts owned or created by her late mother (a master quilter), along with the historical and personal stories behind each one. The pages are thick and glossy, so reading it feels like a treat, and the patterns are beautiful to see. Learning the stories behind each one is fascinating. The book also includes biblical connections, Bible verses to reflect upon, and prayer starters. The way Richards lovingly describes each quilt makes the reader feel like part of her family.

I was really drawn in by the story of a North Carolina quilt from the 1830s or 1840s that had to be buried in a trunk in a barn to keep it from being destroyed. The original colors of the quilt, a bright red and green, had faded to orange and brown — but the colors were still so pretty that I wouldn’t have known they weren’t the original if the book had not explained it. The history nerd in me was also intrigued by how it was determined that the quilt was from the 1830s (wool batting, the handwoven back piece, and a square that appeared only in that decade). Quilts really do tell a story, and they are comforting too.

The book is set up as a devotional, but I recommend taking it to a porch swing, with a cup of tea nearby and reading the short chapters while you take in the summer weather. I like the short passages because I can usually read a few pages before I’m interrupted by my son. This book would also be fun for a car trip.

What drew me to this book? I have always been fascinated by quilts and sewing in general, even though I can barely sew a straight line on a sewing machine myself. My grandmother used to sew proficiently and even worked in a sewing factory at one point in her life, so I feel the connection to my female roots when I read a book like this. I’m also someone who is drawn to the aesthetic beauty and patterns in the quilts. I love stories, and quilts are full of history and stories. I may not have the skill myself, but I have a strong appreciation for the women who do. I took a quilting class when my son was about a year old, and I produced a quilt that I am really proud of. It still hangs on my wall. Honestly, I probably will never attempt to make another quilt again (lol). Though my quilt is not intricately patterned like the quilts in this book, it still gives me a sense of “I did it” and brings me back to memories of when my son was that age.


The quilt I sewed when Carson was one year old.

About the Book’s Author: Ramona Richards is an award-winning editor, speaker, author of nine books, and a frequent contributor to devotional collections. An avid live music fan, Ramona loves Nashville, which she’s called home since she was ten. Sensing her mother was near the end of her life, Ramona documented her mother’s stories and lessons behind each family quilt. These stories form the devotions in My Mother’s Quilts. Find out more about Ramona and her books by visiting her online at ramonarichards.com. She does a beautiful job at honoring her mother’s legacy in this book.

To my wonderful readers, thank you for stopping by my blog again, and have a wonderful summer! Don’t forget to enter the quilt giveaway 🙂 xoxo Teresa


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