Book Reviews and Giveaway Reminder

First things first, there are only three days left to enter my current children’s book giveaway. Here is the link. You can read my original book review here.

Punderdome This game is fun for a word nerd like me. I think it would be great in a middle or high school English classroom as well, as long as the students are not “too cool” for cheesy puns. I could picture Jess from The New Girl playing this on a weekday evening after work – adorkable! A cheesy sense of humor truly helps. Shakespeare was a master of word play, so make a pun in his honor.

Life is Better at the Beach The photography in this book is a beautiful way to take a little “beach break,” even if it’s only in your mind. The quotes go nicely with the pictures. The text about bringing the feelings of the beach into your everyday life seemed fairly predictable, but the book is a nice reminder to slow down and appreciate life. I thought it was a very relaxing read, and it would make a good gift.

A Month of Sundays by Paula Hartman This little e-book is filled with retro recipes and warm, humorous stories about memories of Sundays throughout the author’s life. She writes of raising teenagers and recalls Sundays that made a difference in her life. She encourages the reader to take a day of rest and gives ideas for how to spend the day when the church service ends, whether crafting, playing games, catching up with family, or literally doing nothing. Hartman’s sense of humor stands out the most in her essays. So far I have tried two of the recipes from the book — the chicken paprikash and the meatball subs — and thought both were great. A lot of the recipes call for a can of soup, and I tend not to cook that way, but I was very pleased with the recipes that I did try. The paprikash was definitely a hit with my husband. This book is a real bargain for someone who would like to try some new recipes. The recipes remind me a lot of the type of cooking that was at church potlucks when I was growing up, and they are all simple to make.

Punderdome was sent to me by Blogging for Books, and the other two books were sent to me by Book Look Bloggers. All reviews are my personal opinion. Hope you are having a great summer!

xoxo Teresa





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