Daniel Fast Diary: Week Three


This is my final week of The Daniel Fast. Here are my other two posts about why I started the fast and how my first week went. Last week, I was so busy that I didn’t get to write an update. My headaches (probably from the lack of caffeine and sugar) went away completely, and I started to feel a little more energy. As a side perk, I lost about five pounds. A few of the men at my church lost ten pounds the first week (Is it acceptable to feel jealous during a spiritual fast? haha).

The first week went smoothly, as far as sticking to the plan was concerned. The second week? I had a few moments that were less than perfect, but I am still chugging along. On the tenth day of the fast, I felt like God was telling me to go back and read the section of Daniel that tells about his food choice; as I read, I realized that the tenth day was when Daniel’s captors admitted that he looked healthier than the others and agreed to keep letting him eat the foods that he requested instead of foods from the king’s table. I had a moment where I was pretty excited that I made it to day ten.

Last Sunday, our pastor preached a sermon on the difference between perfection and excellence (doing your best at something new). When we try new things, he said, we might not always be perfect right away. Our best might not get compliments just yet. A person who is fasting for the first time might not be perfect, but trying and giving your all is better than not trying at all if you are called to it. This is my first time trying a fast; at times, I did have to rely on God’s grace, but overall it is going very well. The first week was the most spiritually challenging in terms of what life was throwing at me that week, while the second week was more challenging as far as sticking to the plan itself. Interestingly, throughout the first week, my word for the year — joy — kept showing up all over the place.

Only six days left . . .

Have a great week, and thanks for reading!





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