The Search for Archaeological Evidence of the Exodus


I did not even realize the biblical account of Exodus was under skepticism by archaeologists and historians until recently. When I read a Jewish author’s sentiments that the biblical account of Moses may not be historically accurate, my first thought was that it seems very flippant for someone of faith to so easily dismiss a foundational part of the Bible. Around that same time, I got an email about an opportunity to review a documentary film called Patterns of Evidence: the Exodus on my blog. It is interesting how God’s timing works that way. I just finished watching the documentary tonight, and I think it is quite affirming for those of us who have faith and want to see how the archaeological evidence lines up with it. After all, the Exodus is a foundational story for people of the Jewish and Christian faiths.

Filmmaker Timothy Mahoney’s 12-year investigation of archaeological and historical findings in Egypt and Israel reveals a powerful pattern of evidence that connects with the biblical account of Exodus. The evidence has been largely unrecognized because it exists in an earlier period of history than where most scholars are looking. Yet, the historical information in the Bible itself points to the Exodus happening in a historical period that is centuries earlier than the standard view today.

Mahoney combines a vivid retelling of the biblical story with interviews of top authorities from both sides of the debate in an investigation spanning the ancient and modern worlds. His bold new approach identifies six primary steps of the Exodus account before looking for evidence matching these steps wherever it exists in Egypt‘s history. The results could fundamentally transform the way the world views history and the Bible. Significant connections are given for the story of Joseph (the ancestor in Genesis who came to Egypt after his brothers sold him into slavery), the plagues mentioned in the Bible, the holding of Jewish people as slaves, and the Battle of Jericho that happened after the Israelites left Egypt.

If you are curious about the archaeological and historical connections, which are fascinating for a person of faith, email me at and let me know you would like a copy of the DVD. I will give away a copy, courtesy of FlyBy Promotions.